About Us
Ekhwesi Business Solutions(Pty) Ltd was founded in 2003. The company stated objective from the outset was to supply superior hardware to its customers in the IT sector. It later evolved as a system integrator that provides solutions and services across the full information value chain to its customers.
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About Our Company

Company Profile

Ekhwesi is a convergence technology company that provides fully integrated end-to-end I T solutions and services.  These offerings embraces a large platform of system design, hosting, hardware and technical skills.  The company’s value proposition is to innovate and, in doing so, to deliver solutions that enrich the lives of those affected by its business, while delivering sustained ROIs to its stakeholders and partners.

Ekhwesi is company focused on enabling the convergence between mobile and terrestrial devices, and providing personalized products and services that empower users to enjoy the full benefits and value of true technology. The company’s partners and customers are integral to its solution development process, and provide both the need and the context for its expansion into new realms of technological enhancements.

The solutions developed by Ekhwesi, allows people to partner with services that are driven by transparent technologies. Thus benefiting from the importance of a seamless and satisfying user experience that continues to define Ekhwesi’s thinking in terms of future design and development.

Ekhwesi’s solutions are so functional and flexible that they can be applied in a variety of industries, ranging from high-level security environments to SMME portals. The company’s expertise in development is complemented by its understanding of market needs as well as its ability to guide clients to draw upon the full functionality and reap the total benefits of what the integration of cellular mobility and information technology can offer them within their particular environments


Our Vision

Commitment to vision

Previously, an individual’s professional and personal lives were separated; mobile technology has seen to it that they are now inextricably intertwined. The value that Ekhwesi contributes to what is effectively a new mode of identity, its ability to innovate for both work and play, and couple the benefits of mobile enhancement to every area of the individual’s life.

Over the year the company has organically grown its skills base of highly competent and motivated employees and partners. With the fundamentals in place, Ekhwesi’s expertise in IT and communications now extends from consulting to software and applications programming, computer systems and hardware.

In the course of its growth, Ekhwesi has entered into several strategic partnerships with some of South Africa ’s most respected organizations. The calibre of these relationships has enabled it to develop unique products and solutions, for a variety of needs, all of which deliver ‘real-world’ benefits using various aspects of technology.

This spirit of partnership continues to set the trend for Ekhwesi’s expansion. The company places a high value on strategic alliances, and sees this as an integral part of its vision in touching people’s lives, while bringing the power of technology directly to their doorstep.


Ekhwesi’s platforms support a range of bearers, providing clients with integrated solutions that include data transmission, wireless data services, all aspects of messaging, voice, m-commerce and web development and management.


The company’s products comprise both Hardware and application development that provide businesses and individuals with easy-to-manage, interoperable tools that are tailored to their unique needs.


Ekhwesi’s extensive skills and infrastructure enables it to offer the full services of supporting, maintaining and further developing client’s solutions. In addition, it offers specialist consulting on converging technologies – imparting the insight that empowers clients to choose a strategy that will secure their competitive advantage and safeguard their future gain.  That done, Ekhwesi then designs, develops and implements client-specific solutions that deliver total end-to-end satisfaction.


People and organisations are much alike, in that both have individual needs. Ekhwesi applies its skills to addressing these needs – offering solutions in the form of Hardware Products and Services that enable organisations and people to experience and enjoy the real benefits of technology. In so doing, it aims to redefine the edge, to shorten the virtual distances between people, and to bring innovation and enhancement to their lives.

Our Partners

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